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We help families resolve their children’s feeding and nutrition problems!

And provide loads of resources to help you improve the way your kids eat!

Do your kids:

Eat the same foods all the time?
Prefer to snack all day or only want to eat snack foods?
Have less-than-ideal eating habits?
Eat too much or not enough?
Get upset during meals?
Refuse to eat a meal, then come back 20 minutes later looking for a snack?
Avoid new and different foods
Have a restricted diet because of food allergies?

Does this sound like you?

Preparing separate meals for your kids
Worried about your child’s weight
Fear your child isn’t growing well
Concerned your child isn’t getting the nutrients they need (protein, vitamins…)
Pulling your hair out at meal times because of how your kids eat (or don’t eat)
Trying everything to get your kids to eat, but nothing works
Not sure how to plan or prepare balanced family meals
Figuring out how to manage your child’s food allergy

We Will Help You

Enjoy balanced meals with your kids

Bring peace back to mealtimes

Expand the variety of foods your kids will eat

Change your child’s eating habits for the better

Feel more comfortable with your child’s eating and growth

Gain confidence in your ability to support your kids’ nutrition needs


I'm first a mom and then a Registered Dietitian

As a mom of four, I’ve experienced the challenges associated with feeding kids, and as a family focused Dietitian, I’ve seen other families struggle with challenging meal time situations. 

I created Raising Healthy Eaters to help parents just like you because I genuinely don’t like to see families struggle with their children at the table. Meals should be enjoyable and bring us together!

Every family I’ve worked with has experienced success, and I know you will, too!

Join today, have peace of mind for tomorrow.

You will gain access to the following and so much more when you join our community. 

Nutritional Guidance

Tools to address specific nutrition concerns

Effective Strategies

Structured plans to conquer feeding challenges

Expert Advice

Live support & guidance from our Founder


Connect with experts & fellow members
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What Others Say About Us

"With Brigit’s help, we learned more about our daughter’s food sensitivities and what she could and couldn’t eat. Our daughter feels so much better now – no more stomach problems and she’s actually excited about eating again. We were surprised to see that her anxiety got better, too!"
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
"My daughter was an extreme picky eater when we started working with Brigit. She would only eat about 20 different foods, and they were mostly chips, cookies, and other snack foods. Once we started using the methods Brigit taught us, and with a lot of personal support from Brigit, my daughter began eating new foods! Now she packs her own lunch for school and includes fruits and vegetables every time!"
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.
"Brigit has really helped me learn new strategies for eating better and improving our health. Working with her has been worthwhile!"
Jarvis Web Solutions Ltd.

Raising Healthy Eaters

Multiple in-depth video tutorials
Continuous, affordable support
Strategies tailored to your needs
Frequent interaction with qualified professionals

Other Companies

Single courses, priced separately
Private consult fee up to $250
Multiple consults required for ongoing support
General advice

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried all the advice and nothing works for my kids – why will this work?

The strategies and resources you’ll get as a member of Raising Healthy Eaters will work, because they’ll be tailored to the needs of your family. How? Through access to Brigit, an experienced Registered Dietitian, who maintains frequent contact with members to offer personalized support and advice!

I’m busy! How much time do I need to set aside for this?

As a busy parent, myself, I understand that time is limited. That’s why I’ve purposefully kept lessons short and created practical resources with clear action steps. You can access your membership and pick up where you left off any time. And you can post your questions in the community whenever you have a few free minutes.

Do I really get support directly from Brigit?

Yes! I want you and your kids to be successful in resolving the nutrition challenges you face. In my experience, this happens when families have direct and frequent support from someone who can help. This is why I am very active in the community, responding to your posts and checking in to see how things are going. I also hold live group calls with members every other week so we can talk directly about your situation and how it can be improved.

What if I have more questions?

If you’re wondering about other features of Raising Healthy Eaters, or if you can find help for the problem you’re facing, email Brigit at info@rhe.spyderwebsite.com. She’ll get back to you with an answer!


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Raising Healthy Eaters is a place parents and caregivers come to get help with common challenges families face at mealtime. With access to multiple resources and an experienced Registered Dietitian, you’ll learn tricks to make meals enjoyable again!
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