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We’re familiar with the anxiety, exhaustion, feelings of defeat, and sense of failure that predominate when trying to navigate a child’s complex feeding challenges. And we know the toll they take on daily life – every meal and every thought about food is stressful. It’s my mission to help you and your family overcome all of this so you can enjoy a normal life again and feel confident in your child’s eating and health.

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From birth to middle school... we've got your child covered!


Breast/bottle feeding, starting solids, growth.


Table tantrums, food refusals, picky eating, growth.


Selective eating, growth concerns, food allergies.


Pre-teens / Growth, selective eating, food allergies
How we do it

Common challenges we help parents tackle:

1. Severe Picky Or Selective Eating

Limited or restricted food intake:

• Your child eats less than 30 foods
• Your child avoids entire food groups
• Food causes your child to gag or meltdown

Meals cause intense stress & anxiety

• You can’t sit down & enjoy a meal as a family
• Your child eats a different meal than everyone else
• You never know what to serve your child to keep them healthy

Normal life is disrupted

• You can’t attend birthday parties or social events
• Most of your time is spent thinking about food
• You feel alone trying to solve this impossible problem

2. Food Allergies/Sensitivities

Fears about your child’s safety

• You don’t know what’s safe for your child to eat
• You don’t know how to identify or prepare safe foods
• You’re not sure how to handle a reaction

Your emotional health is suffering

• You. are. constantly. on. edge.
• You feel anxious about cross-contamination
• Thoughts of your child’s food allergy consume you

Normal life has disappeared

• Eating out and traveling feel too risky
• Your time is consumed by planning/preparing safe foods
• Other people don’t understand how hard this is

3. Growth Problems

Child’s growth

• Your child isn’t growing enough
• Your child is growing too much
• You want your child to be at a healthy weight

Health concerns

• Your child isn’t interested in nutritious foods
• You’re worried they’ll develop a health condition
• You’re concerned about your child's self-esteem & body image


• Asking for help feels intimidating
• You’re worried about being blamed or judged
• You feel like you need to figure it out on your own

what's included

Gain access to a library of resources!

Raising Healthy Eaters is packed with resources to help you tackle these challenges in a way that reduces stress and anxiety, lowers the pressure, turns mealtime into an enjoyable experience, and helps your kids build a healthy relationship with their bodies and food.

We like to take good care of our members to ensure the right support for their needs by providing:
  • In-depth video tutorials
  • Printable guides / factsheets
  • Meal plans & recipes
  • Tips & resources
  • Biweekly check-in calls
  • Supportive, understanding community


Experience the same outcome other parents have.

Low stress meals with kids who willingly eat a growing variety of foods
Reassurance that your child is getting the nutrition they need for growth and good health.
Relief that you have a plan and the skill set to support your child's unique needs.
Connection with fellow parents who can relate to your experience.
Support and guidance from a Registered Dietitian who understands your journey.
Freedom to enjoy life again!

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Raising Healthy Eaters is a place parents and caregivers come to get help with common challenges families face at mealtime. With access to multiple resources and an experienced Registered Dietitian, you’ll learn tricks to make meals enjoyable again!
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