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Learn how to manage your child’s picky eating, food allergies, and health with confidence!

Raising Healthy Eaters helps you guide your children to a place where they happily eat a wide variety of foods that support their health and growth. Get ready, food and mealtimes are about to become enjoyable again!

When it comes to your child's nutrition, do they struggle with:

Eating a very small # of foods

Not growing as expected

Multiple food allergies / sensitivities


If the answer is yes, rest assured you are far from alone. Here at Raising Healthy Eaters, we provide solutions and connect you with a community of diverse parents tackling the same issues. Together.


I'm first a mom and then a Registered Dietitian

As a mom of four, I’ve experienced the challenges associated with feeding kids, and as a family focused Dietitian, I’ve seen other families struggle with challenging meal time situations. From refusing specific foods, table tantrums (or protests from older kids), snacking all day, only wanting milk or juice, to navigating special diets and busy schedules, I’ve seen it all. Anxiety sets in, you get frustrated and begin to doubt yourself, and food becomes a point of contention. I want you to know we can make things better! I created Raising Healthy Eaters to help parents just like you because I genuinely don’t like to see families struggle with their children at the table. Meals should be enjoyable and bring us together!

Every family I’ve worked with has experienced success, and I know you will, too!

Join today, have peace of mind for tomorrow.

You will gain access to the following and so much more when you join our community. 

Nutritional Guidance

Tools to address specific nutrition concerns

Effective Strategies

Structured plans to conquer feeding challenges

Expert Advice

Live support & guidance from our Founder, a Registered Dietitian


Connect with experts & fellow members

Different ages, different challenges

No matter the age, we can help.

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Raising Healthy Eaters is a place parents and caregivers come to get help with common challenges families face at mealtime. With access to multiple resources and an experienced Registered Dietitian, you’ll learn tricks to make meals enjoyable again!
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